vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Survey: Is Cloud vital to the success of a company?


CFO and Google, recently did a survey on senior financial executives in U.S companies and found that the majority of executives see cloud as an asset for their companies.

80% of those questioned believe that the success of their companies relies heavily on cloud computing strategies and will be vital for the coming 12 to 18 months.

The survey also found that 70% said they are saving more money due to lower hardware-related costs. In addition, two-thirds of executives said they have reduced their companies’ operational costs by 20%.

Matt Surka, the research editor at CFO Research stated that “The cloud certainly offers cost savings, but finance executives are most interested in using the cloud to redirect IT resources to high-value activities — not strip resources out of IT."

It was also found that over 70% of respondents stated that cloud improved employee’s mobility, increasing their productivity. This survey was based on 310 electronic study responses.

Do you believe cloud technology will have a considerable impact on your company in the near future?

About the Author:
Sarah writes for Firebrand Training on a number of IT related topics. This includes exams, training, certification trends, project management, certification, careers advice and the industry itself. Sarah has 11 years of experience in the IT industry.