woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Kodu - Teach your kids to code the fun way


Kodu logoIt’s not an easy job to teach kids the complexities of coding, unless you do it the fun way with games like Kodu.

Kodu is a visual programming tool developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs which allows any user to create and design their own game. The games aim is to teach basic programming skills to children, whilst they are playing on their PCs or Xbox to improve the big skills gap in IT.

Kodu was recently mentioned in Microsoft’s WPC 2013 conference and has gotten a lot of attention in the press.

Anyone can create a game let it be young children or adults. It’s simple to use, fun and requires no design or programming skills. According to FUSE Labs “Kodu Teaches more than Programming”:

  • It’s a rich tool for narrative creation and storytelling
  • Demonstrates that programming is a creative medium
  • Helps children with critical thinking, breaking a complex goal into manageable steps
  • Introduces the logic and problem solving of programming
  • Introduces conditions and sequences, which teaches cause and effect
  • Students learn about cooperation, logic and creativity in addition to programming

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, three of the brightest, most inspirational and lets not forget richest tech leaders of our generation have one thing in common; they all learnt to code from a very young age. Here’s an inspirational video on coding that went live earlier this year on “what schools don’t teach”.

You can check out the original video on Code.org's YouTube page - What most schools don't teach

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