dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Keep your IT infrastructure simple

A lot of small companies put great effort into creating an IT infrastructure that's easy to manage, understand and maintain. However, without regular checks they can quickly become large, slow, complex, problematic and difficult to maintain. In order to avoid the frustration and rising management costs caused by an infrastructure gone off the leash, it’s worth thinking about regular revision and keeping it as simple as possible.

Think about the following to maintain an efficient IT infrastructure:

Retire old servers

You would be surprised to hear how many firms leave old servers running, even when they became completely irrelevant to the day-to-day activities of the infrastructure. It may be easier to solve problems with more hardware, but consider making use of your existing hardware before doing so. A reduction in the number of servers will save your company time, effort and of course money.

Reduce application sprawl

It’s not hard to lose track of all the applications running in the background and then comes the shock: You have too many of them, causing you rising costs and increasing complexity. Monitor all running applications, and see which ones are essential and which ones can be replaced by existing alternatives.

Cabling is enabling

Cabling gets little consideration, if any at all. But it’s more important than you would believe. Imagine you are installing new servers and devices, and suddenly your data center became a labyrinth of cables. Your IT team will have a hard time with maintenance and fixing potential problems.

Relocate to the cloud

The easiest way of keeping IT infrastructure simple is by having someone else take care of it. Moving everything to the cloud will take the burden off of your shoulders, but then again it’s worth doing some research on how cloud computing can help you best.

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