woensdag 9 oktober 2013

What Windows Server 2012 R2 can do for your business

October 18 - the new version of Windows Server finally hits the stores along with other new Microsoft products. So let’s see what tech expert Mary Branscombe thinks about the new features. 

The new version has improved storage, virtualisation and high availability so your server systems can keep running. It provides wider support to users wanting to connect to your systems with Android, iOS, Windows or Windows RT devices.

These connections can use the new remote access in Windows Server 2012 R2; giving you the means to allow iOS, Android, Windows RT and Windows 8.1 users do a workplace join instead of joining your Active Directory.

First level: it gives you a record of connected devices and allows you to publish web apps through the Web application proxy so only your users get access.

Second level: lets you control settings on those devices – not as many as with Group Policy.

To further promote wider user support Microsoft, for the first time, is creating remote desktop clients for users of Android, iOS and Mac OS X, all available by the end of this month. 

Work Folders

If you have to access files from your server whilst on the go, without a remote connection, you’ll like the new Work Folders feature. It will sync a folder from a share on the office file server and update it with your changed documents, without you connecting via VPN.

Upon the release of Windows Server 2012 R2 the feature will work with Windows 8.1. But in the first half of 2014, the company will release clients for Windows 7 and iOS. However, Windows 8 users will be required to update to 8.1.

Work Folders still isn't a replacement for offline files, as it syncs the entire file when something changes, not just the changes. It also tries to sync the entire folder on the file server. It knows when there are too many files for your device and it will not attempt to copy them all, but for now, you cannot pick the files you want to sync unless you are willing to put them in a separate folder.

As future Windows Server updates arrive, selective sync is a top priority on the Work Folders team’s to-do-list – however we're not expecting the next version of Windows Server to arrive as quickly as R2 did.

What's an R2 release?

Principal program manager Jeff Woolsey said: "The way we think about R2 is that we're going to keep the kernel changes to a minimum and we're going to be very surgical about that. We will include new code, but we won't make wholesale changes to the kernel." So basically you get new features, but the R2 version does not cost as much as a completely new version (where the year changes) would.  

For instance, if you have client access licences for Server 2012 features, you don't need to buy more CALs. Plus if you purchase Windows Server on a volume licence (available to small businesses too) the upgrade is free. Otherwise Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard and Essentials are the same price as Server 2012. If you need more cloud features and you also want to give your users increased mobile options R2 seems like the logical upgrade, if your budget and schedule allow.

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